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          Since it was founded, FarmaSino has been approved to engage in R&D, technology transfer, import, export and¡¡domestic¡¡trade of¡¡pharmaceuticals¡¡and chemicals.¡¡Scientific¡¡and quantified¡¡Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)has been¡¡formed to fit¡¡to itself development¡¡for every link, every department and every position,¡¡which is good¡¡for management,¡¡increasing¡¡productivity,¡¡decreasing¡¡waste of resources and improving quality of service.
          FarmaSino has been accredited with the Operating and Marketing Certificate for Hazardous Chemicals at the beginning of 2009 , and also has been accredited with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 at the end of 2009. Also, the Good Supply Practice(GSP)Certificate for medicines is under application and registration.
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