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          Legal Statement
          Legal Statement

          The website is created by FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals (Jiangsu) Co.Ltd (As “FarmaSino”). Any individual who wants to enter,¡¡browse or use this¡¡website¡¡should read the legal statement¡¡beforehand.¡¡If you do not agree with the legal statement,¡¡please do not enter. If you want to continue,¡¡it means that you have read, understood and agreed to be subject to this statement, and complied with all relevant laws or regulations.

          FarmaSino retains the rights to change, revise, and renew this statement without prior notice.

          Copyright Statement

          The copyrights ¡¡of any¡¡contents in this website¡¡(including but not confined to data, word, diagram, image, audio or video) belong to¡¡FarmaSino or related parties.¡¡Without prior written agreement ,¡¡no one will be allowed¡¡to¡¡copy,¡¡replicate,¡¡disseminate,¡¡publish,¡¡reprint,¡¡revise¡¡or¡¡display¡¡the contents¡¡of¡¡this website.¡¡Meanwhile, without written agreement,¡¡no one will be allowed to make a mirror on servers other than FarmaSino’s.¡¡Any moves to use the contents¡¡of this website without¡¡authorization¡¡will be against Authority law of¡¡the People's¡¡Republic of¡¡China and other laws as well as related international covenants.
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